electronics lab test equipment

This is the laboratory in my playroom where I breadboard and test my various designs; at the time this picture was taken I was evaluating my new design of a side-scan sonar receiver for a friends homebuilt system; he gets to do all of the hard stuff like building it, writing the software whilst I get to do the fun things like system analysis and designing the analog transmit and receive circuitry. Many of the Heathkit items were built during the misspent years of my youth others were acquired on EBay. Starting at the top left and proceeding left to right; Heathkit Laboratory RF Signal Generator, ZM-30 Impedance Bridge by Crest Communications, Heathkit Q meter, Heathkit Audio Generator, General Radio Tone Burst Generator on top of which is a Heathkit Frequency Counter, Heathkit Audio VTVM, HP 600 ohm step attenuator, Heathkit Lin/Log Sweep Generator, Heathkit 60 MHz Oscilloscope, Heathkit AC VTVM, Heathkit AC/DC & Ohms VTVM, B&W Grid Dip Meter, 3 Heathkit 0-20V 1/2 amp Regulated Power Supplies and a Heathkit 0 - 50V 1.5 Amp Regulated Power Supply. To the right on the cart is my HP 3586C 200HZ to 32.5 MHz Selective Level Meter and on top of that is a Heathkit 0 to 70 dB Step Attenuator.